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You might not succeed if you marry a twin; Here’s why

You might not succeed if you marry a twin; Here’s why

The Quotation Master, Kweku Lucifer, is at it again with his teachings about how life in the spiritual world can affect life in the physical world.

Discussing the topic ‘the mystery of twins’, in an interview with Pastor Nyansa Boakwa on Nsem Pii, which airs on Happy FM, he disclosed that one might be dragging himself to failure if he or she marries a twin, and explained why.

According to Lucifer, most twins, before being born onto this earth, happen to be coupled in the spiritual world, hence marrying one of them, makes it as though the new person is stealing another person’s spouse, hence life becomes difficult.

He explained that the spiritual couple usually come onto this earth as twins for a mission however, they are ignorant of the fact that marriage between siblings in this world is a taboo. He unveiled, per this revelation that this is why most twins have immense love for each other.

“This is why old folks say that when you’re going into marriage, look into it first. Before you marry someone, especially a twin, you need to consult a priest from whichever religion you believe in, and find out about the mission of your partner on this earth”, the spiritualist advised.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye

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