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[WATCH] School Teacher mercilessly beats student over haircut.

[WATCH] School Teacher mercilessly beats student over haircut.

Pupils of the Apostle Sarfo School of Science are astonished and in fear of coming to school. In the wake of many of them completing school soon, some students have refused to get a haircut.

The day didn’t go down well with this student who was mercilessly whipped to the point of having many bruises on the back and the shoulders. The student name and the teacher have not been disclosed.

However, many couldn’t hold their disappointment in the teacher for this act. Some section of the students and neighbours pledged to retaliate. At this point, the teacher should fear his life.

Earlier last month, Asiakwa teacher was murdered over snails. The students who did this were arrested and put before a court. In light of this, teachers should be very careful in their dealings with students. With this incident below happening, the said teacher must be protected and the student must be engaged.  This will prevent retaliation from the students.

WATCH | Sake of haircut, look at how a teacher at Apostle Sarfo School of Science did to a student. Hmm! The laws must deal with the teacher.


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