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Woman Bonked By Ex-boyfriend 5 hours A Day Before The Wedding Day

Woman Bonked By Ex-boyfriend 5 hours A Day Before The Wedding Day


We are receiving disturbing reports from Marjory’s home at her parents in Chipata Compound within Lusaka where she is in constant tears. One of her family members who contacted us this afternoon, said Marjory is in tears, she has been crying since Saturday when her wedding was cancelled following the disclosure of her unfaithfulness.

The family source said Marjory has also been failing to sleep and has never eaten or drunk anything since Saturday. “We are really worried, we are pleading with her at least to drink even water but she is refusing saying she has embarrassed her family”, said the source.

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On Saturday, What was suppose to be the happiest day for Marjory and her newly wedded husband, everything turned sour yesterday Saturday  when her ex boyfriend showed up in church just after the pastor was done with marriage vows on the couple.

A mass brawl broke out at a wedding reception which was held at Reformed Church of Zambia in Lusaka’s Chipata Compound.

Total confusion erupted between families members when Marjory’s ex boyfriend showed up at the wedding ceremony and claimed he had 5 hour vigorous sex with her the previous day  in a named guest house.

Marjory’s family members admitted she went missing on Friday for 5 hours and did not give them a convincing reason for her disappearance.

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