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Shave your Rasta hair or be fined – Gomoa Dewurampong chief warns youth

Shave your Rasta hair or be fined – Gomoa Dewurampong chief warns youth

The Odikro of Gomoa Dewurampong in the Gomoa West District of the Central Region Nana Koako Mensah V, has warned the youth of the town who have rasta hair do to cut it off.

According to him, failure to heed to his order will attract severe sanctions.

“I become sad anytime I see the young men locking their hair while others weave theirs. doing theirs. I have advised them to remove them to look nice but it seems they don’t respect me as a chief so I am warning once again to take that hairstyle off now or be fined.

“I know that some people such as musicians and footballers do rasta hair rasta because of the profession they find themselves. But I don’t see the youth of these town in some of the professions I’ve mentioned so where from this wide-spread rasta and weaving of hair among the youth,” Nana Koako Mensah V, said during the Ahobaakese Festival.

Several of the youth in the Gomoa Dewurampong community are into drugs. They take in marijuana, tramol, wee among others.

“I am also advising every Youth in this town to desist from taking in such drugs. People take in drugs and engage in all manner of criminal activities. Fighting is common among the Youth here and I think all is as a result of taking in drugs so I am sending a warning to them to stay away from such act,” Nana Koako Mensah added.

In an interview with Kasapa FM News Yaw Boagyan at the sidelines of the festival, the Unit committee Chairman for area Nana Odom Apagyam Mentah on his part bemoaned the poor state our their roads, adding that a lot of the resident are suffering from diseases after inhaling dust on their roads.

He added that their market is in a bad state, where traders are left with no option than to sell in dusty environment and in the process polluting the foodstuffs sold.

“We fall sick anytime we buy foodstuff from the market because most of the foodstuff are covered with dust so we are appealing to the government to construct our market and the road for us. The community is having a health insurance office but it’s also in a poor state. We always travel far to attend hospital which sometimes make it difficult for us. Our pregnant women sometime lose their lives due to nature of the road so l am appealing to government to come to our aid,” Nana Odom Apagyam said.

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