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Pastor impregnates 20 church members, claims the holy spirit ordered him

Pastor impregnates 20 church members, claims the holy spirit ordered him

53 year old pastor from Nigeria has been arrested for impregnating more than 20 members of his congregation, including married women and young girls, claiming that the Holy Spirit commanded him to do so.

The police spokesperson, Ebere Amaraizu revealed that the pastor, Timothy Ngwu of Overseer of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity was charged under the offence of sexual abuse.

Pastor impregnates 20 church members, claims the holy spirit ordered him 2
Pastor Timothy Ngwu – circled

“The pastor claims to be obeying spiritual orders to do the will of God, which is to impregnate anyone chosen and revealed by the holy spirit, irrespective of whether the woman is married or not,” said Amaraizu.

‘When the woman delivers, the child is supposed to remain in the ministry with the mother for life,” he added.

Vanguard report states that the pastor was reported at the police by his own wife who got tired of his behavior after he also impregnated her young niece.

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Pastor impregnates 20 church members, claims the holy spirit ordered him 3
the victims

The pastor`s brother also testified that he had been warning his brother but he refused to listen. He said the arrest was God`s wrath falling on his brother.

“Let me tell you, God`s anger has befallen my brother, we have for several times appealed to him to stop this behavior but he ignored. He has colonized our compound, bearing children recklessness. He accused us of being jealous of him because he is doing the will of God,” revealed his brother.

“Look at these buildings, “he said pointing to the church compound. “He (pastor) has converted all of them to himself in the name of vineyard. I can’t say exactly what informed his spirit to the devilish act in the name of God. He left his wife who has three children with him and went on to impregnate married women and young girls. Look at the whole compound littered with children of different sex and age,”  he lamented.

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“How can an educated man of his status reason like an unrefined man? All members of the vineyard are fools, how can a woman abandon her husband for another man in the name of worshiping God and practice adultery? I cannot get myself involved in this matter; truth has opened the vessel of worms in the vineyard. Let them sort themselves out with the police but I want the ministry to be shut down completely,” he added.

In his defense, the pastor said he never had sex with any of the married women unless their husbands agreed with the request of the Holy Spirit.

Approximately, he said he has five wives with 13 children along with other concubines he got after the Holy Spirit commanded him to do so.

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Calista Omeje and Assumpta Odo, two of the women who left their husbands to live with the pastor said they did so based on the pastor`s prophetic anointing.

Calista who has 10 children with her real husband said the pastor impregnated her but the child later died. She also said she gave her daughter, a mother of eight to the pastor and he also impregnated her.


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