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Most junior pastors are greater than their masters – Lucifer reveals

Most junior pastors are greater than their masters – Lucifer reveals

The Quotation Master, Kweku Peprah, also known as Lucifer, has uncovered that most junior pastors have greater future than their masters.

In an interview with Ps. Nyansa Boakwa on Nsem Pii which airs on Happy FM, Lucifer unveiled that the reason why most senior pastors buy cars and houses for their junior pastors is to keep them from uncovering their greater destinies.

“Most junior pastors are greater than their masters but they end up serving instead of becoming the great people they are meant to be, simply because of a car and a house. If you knew why that pastor gifted you a house and a car, you would’ve have left and found your own path”, he commented.

As believed by Kweku Lucifer, most senior pastors go in for junior pastors who have greater future. After holding them down with a basic car and a house, the spirits of these smaller pastors now turn to support the big pastors.

“Sadly, this is how foolish the spirits are. All spirits are very foolish. I am not afraid of any of them and I am not scared to say this”, he exclaimed.

These pastors then grow greater, while their junior pastors keep being their slaves, ignorant of their greater destiny.

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