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I pity ‘bankrupt’, ‘irrelevant’ Samini – Shatta Wale

I pity 'bankrupt', 'irrelevant' Samini – Shatta Wale

Even though most of his musical rivals do not pay much attention to him lately, dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, will still not grant an interview without sending a jab to any of them.

Shatta Wale, who became a huge brand in the industry after starting a musical feud with High-Grade Family, CEO, Samini, has stated that he feels sorry for his miserable living conditions.

According to Shatta Wale, inapt Samini has become a laughing stock in the music industry due to his failure to solidify his brand while he was a reigning artiste.

Speaking in an interview with Metro TV’s Paul Adom Otchere on Good Evening Ghana, he said, “I know it is sad for him to open up about his situation now and he thinks it is a disgrace for him to tell the world he is broke”.

“I always tell people that there is always grace in disgrace, when you go through something share it, that’s how I share my life story with my fans and they love me so much. Gone are the days we were talking about Samini but nobody is talking about Samini now and I feel so bad”, he added.

“That is a legend. Samini tried to put Ghana on the map but people used him so much. Samini was a great musician but if most musicians like him will come out and tell the story about the industry and how it goes like, people like Sarkodie and people you’re mentioning wouldn’t be behaving like the way they’re behaving in the industry”, the “Ay3 Half cast” hit singer told Paul.

The outspoken musician said Samini’s error began when he chose to be moderate instead of focusing on making money so event organizers used him to gain profit leaving him in a poor state today.

Shatta Wale who begged promoters to remember Samini and help him, said, even though he had a serious household name and is now irrelevant, he is a talented artiste who shouldn’t be neglected.



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