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Fire Martin Amidu To Save Your Fight Against Corruption – Peter Cudjoe

Fire Martin Amidu To Save Your Fight Against Corruption By Peter Cudjoe

The Special Prosecutor Act, (Act 959) which became law in Ghana on the 3rd of January 2018 after President Akufo-Addo assented to the act became a major talking point when the announcement was made,

The Act, pursuant to s.13(3), provides that the Attorney General nominates a person fit for appointment by the President of the Republic, subject to Parliamentary approval,

The Special Prosecutor, once confirmed by Parliament, will perform a much bigger responsibility, independent and impartial, role to fight corruption.

In line to fighting corruption one will expect a result-oriented approach which is in short of the current travesty of tomfoolery exhibited by the Special Prosecutor Mr. Matin Amidu.

Ever since his appointment as special prosecutor amid the enthusiasm and excitement by the president to fight corruption and especially the precursory comments and articles ahead of the 2016 elections one would conclude that Mr Martin Amidu was on track by seeing to fusion the presidents vision of fighting corruption.

If you recall the whitaker scenario, stifling independent investigative agencies of funds by Martin a. b. k. Amidu, where he reminds us of the almost utter hopelessness in which the newly established Office of the Special Prosecutor finds itself almost one year after the President caused its establishment as his flagship and vision to fight corruption in Ghana with an overwhelming national consensus and support.

To the best of my knowledge this have been met by a stupendous budget by the finance ministry in the recent annual budget reading to parliament,

Earlier this year the special prosecutor bemoaned the challenges supposedly of an office suited for his work, this unfortunate incident brought an uproar between the special prosecutor and the current attorney general and minister for justice Madam Gloria Akufo describing him as a dishonest person.

In the mist of this two officers at the office of the special prosecutor was allege to have misappropriate some funds,

The recent outburst by the special prosecutor Martin Amidu concerning the uncooperative nature of “heads of institutions who simply refuse to comply with laws designed to ensure good governance and to protect the national purse by fighting corruption.

The questions asked, Mr Martin Amidu is how long will you continue to give excuses for non- performance?

The much touted anti-corruption crusader is at his flint again by coming up with articles to draw attentions to himself,

But how unfortunate this is the forum for governance and leadership is calling for the head of the special prosecutor Mr Martin Amidu, the special prosecutor in some jurisdiction would have tendered in his voluntary resignation over his non-performance,

Clearly I conclude that the much anticipated Mr Martin Amidu does not have what it takes to fight corruption, and is bereft of ideas to see to fusion the presidents vision of fighting corruption hence his removal from office.

Peter Cudjoe

Executive Secretary.


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