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COVID-19: Never doubt God’s love when He’s silent – Ps. Mensa Otabil

COVID-19: Never doubt God’s love when He’s silent – Ps. Mensa Otabil

Pastor Mensa Otabil, General Overseer and Head Pastor at the International Central Gospel Church, has advised that Ghanaians never to doubt God’s love and faithfulness, no matter the circumstances.

Pastor Otabil preached at the virtual service which streamed live on the Global Media Alliance Broadcast(GMABC) brands, Happy Fm, e.TV Ghana and across the Y-Triangle, that God’s silence is not his absence, thus, when christians are facing storms like the novel Coronavirus, His love and faithfulness should never be doubted.

“Never doubt God’s love and His faithfulness when He’s silent. His silence is not His absence. His silence is still his presence just like His works are still His presence”, said the pastor.

Pastor Mensa Otabil added, “We must know God in His works and we must know God in His silence. We must know God when he does and does not speak and whether He speaks or He doesn’t speak, he is still God. Whether He works or He doesn’t work, He is still God”.

This is to say that even when God seems silent during our hard times, He is still God and God always has a plan to get His children to safety, thus, we must trust God, His love and His faithfulness, no matter how tough life gets.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye

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