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Confession: I slept with a lady pregnant for her own brother

Confession: I slept with a lady pregnant for her own brother

A man has confessed to Pastor Nyansa Boakwa on Happy FM’s Nsem Pii about how he knowingly got sexually involved with a woman who was pregnant for her own brother.

During the Bone Ka segment of the show, the man, whose identity remained undisclosed, told Ps. Nyansa that, “I met this lady while she was four months pregnant and she told me that the baby belonged to her brother but she wasn’t happy about it.

We talked about it and I told her that I still like her so I will take care of her. While she was pregnant, I used to have sex with her”.

He narrated that as time went by, he gave his actions a deeper thought and realized that he was taking a wrong direction, so he ended things with her and sent her on her way.

According to the man, about two years after this, he came across another woman whom he wanted to marry. “I went to see her family and performed the knocking ceremony and just around that period, she got pregnant”, he continued.

Per his further narration, his pregnant wife-to-be, to his surprise, had an affair with another man. It looks like he got his share of the saying ‘what goes around comes around’.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye

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