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Burn the CSE documents if it’s not part of curriculum – Akufo-Addo urged

Burn the CSE documents if it's not part of curriculum - Akufo-Addo urged

A member of the Presbyterian Church, Dr Samuel Onwona, has called on President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to burn all documents containing Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).

According to Dr. Onwona, since the president has said the CSE will not be allowed in schools, there is no need to be keeping documents that have the CSE in it.

“If you say it is not going to happen under your presidency, then show us the destruction of the manual, because it’s been produced, they have copies.”

Churches and other conservative groups in Ghana have been alarmed at the supposed introduction of CSE, believed to subtly condition pupils to explore LGBT lifestyles.

Both the Ghana Education Service and the Education Ministry have come out to deny the claim.


President Nana Akufo-Addo, addressing members of the St. Cyprian Anglican church emphatically stated that there will be no introduction of any subject that will negatively affect the moral upbringing of children.

However, conservative groups in Ghana have been calling for firmer actions to be taken to hinder the introduction of comprehensive sexuality education.

Dr, Onwona said, the supplementary budget the Minister of Finance had allocated for the implementation of the CSE should be allocated to other national projects.

He added that the president by simply stating that CSE won’t be taught in schools is not definite enough.

He has therefore called for the physical destruction of all CSE materials.

“So it is not over by simply saying it is not happening under my presidency, we want to see action, real action, we want to see physical destruction of the documents,” he said.

Watch him make the comments in the video below.

Source: Cornerlis Kweku Affre

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