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Breaching of COVID-19 protocols; Adiembra SHS ‘sacks’ over 120 students

Breaching of COVID-19 protocols; Adiembra SHS ‘sacks’ over 120 students

Authorities of Adiembra Senior High School in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis in the Western Region have asked about 120 students to go home for breaching the Coronavirus protocols.

Earlier, a resident of the area reported that the students who are all males had been asked to go home for lack of space. But a further checks by our team revealed that the students have been dismissed from the school for allegedly sneaking out of the campus without the knowledge of the school authorities.

The authorities believe the behaviour of the students goes contrary to the laid down measures put in place to ensure a safe environment for those on campus, and have therefore been asked to go home and bring their parents.

But some reports emanating from other media outlets indicate that the students left the campus to fetch water.

According to Adom FM, for example, the students explained that, they left the campus to search for water.

They explained that, since the reopening of school on Monday June 15 2020, they have not had access to portal water thus leaving campus to search for water.

The boys further alleged that female students are being allowed to go outside for water and other necessities and it was the reason why no female was sacked.

They also accused management of keeping close to 60 students in one dormitory which is against the directives of President Akufo-Addo.


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