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Breaking News: Michael Essien’ Arrested For Sodomizing A 14-Year-Old Girl

Breaking News: Michael Essien’ Arrested For Sodomizing A 14-Year-Old Girl

A man remaining at the South Suntreso Area in Kumasi well known as “Michael Essien” has sodomized a 14-year-old kid in his general vicinity.

This was accounted for by a Unit Committee part in the zone, Kwame D.C. As indicated by Kwame D.C., the 14-year-old kid associated with this issue griped of a weird disease which had influenced his butt-centric framework seriously to his folks.

His folks after seeing this bizarre affliction, saw that their child had been explicitly annoyed , this roused them to inquire as to whether anyone had planned something for him in such manner.

Persistent inquiry caused the kid to admit that he had been having an “issue” with this man “thusly Michael Essien” , he said Michael Essien had been disclosing to him how decent he is and constantly welcomed him to his home. The kid said he would not like to go, yet he was attracted by Essien and wound up observing him in his home.

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The 14-year old kid related that on the primary day he visited Essien, Essien made lewd gestures towards him, and he wound up “laying down with him”, he said he has occasionally been visiting Essien for such acts till the faithless day that he fell wiped out. The 14-year-old kid had been hospitalized and accepting consideration right now.

Michael Essien then again had been caught by the police and now in care at the Central Police Station in Kumasi, anticipating to be masterminded under the steady gaze of court.


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